TrusSleeve 27cm

Cover trusses safe, fast, and easy or turn them into a design feature. Permanently flame retardant TrusSleeve is a seamless truss cover that hides cables and fits around all types (30/30 + 40/40) of square and triangular trusses.

  • Permanently flame retardant (100% Trevira CS).
  • Retains FR levels even after washing and can easily be reused.
  • The material is elastic enough to slide over a variety of truss shapes and sizes with ease.
  • Can be perforated.It has a no-sew finish and won’t unravel when cut.

Trussleeve is extremely suited to cover cables and transforms trusses into beautiful light pilars. When lighted from the inside, the ribbed fabric ensures an ideal light distribution.

Triangle Truss 30/30 Loose
Square Truss 30/30 Tight
Triangle Truss 40/40 Tight
Square Truss 40/40 Choose Trussleeve 35cm

ATTENTION: Allow for 15% extra in the length, depending on truss shape and diameter, before cutting the fabric.

TrusSleeve 27cm

Article code 29950027#
Width 27 cm
Weight 480 g/m²
Composition 100% TCS
Flame-resistant NFP-M1 / BS-2B / DIN-B1
Packing unit cut pieces
Starting from €18.27 / piece
Length (in meter)

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