ShowTex Online FAQ's

  1. What is ShowTex online?
    ShowTex Online is the webshop of ShowTex; world leader in developing, producing and installing the most innovative flame-retardant stage fabrics and mounting systems. On this webshop, we try to offer some of our top products at very fair prices.
  2. Is it safe to buy from ShowTex Online?
    ShowTex Online uses an SSL certificate, which adds a code to the data sent to and from the webshop. This makes it no longer readable for hackers. Additionally, an SSL certificate is proof of authenticity; before an SSL certificate is issued to a webshop, an extensive check is made to determine the reliability of the person or the webshop applying for the SSL certificate. As a consequence, hackers intent on recreating a webshop to deceive visitors are stopped.
  3. Why can I only buy per roll/piece?
    ShowTex Online tries to keep the prices as low as possible and one of the ways how we can do this is by keeping the handling costs attached to the Products we offer, as low as possible.
  4. I would like to order a customised/finished fabric.
    That's certainly possible! Contact the nearest ShowTex branch:
  5. How long will the delivery of my order take?
    Depending on the chosen shipping method:
    Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France: 24-72h
    Other countries: 24u - 96h
    These time periods are an indication and not guaranteed delivery dates, but in principle you can assume delivery within the specified period.
    Delivery method: Economy or Express
  6. Can I exchange a purchased product?
    Purchased goods cannot be exchanged through the ShowTex webshop.
  7. What should I do if my goods arrive in damaged condition?
    ShowTex Online collaborates with the best partners to deliver the ordered goods to you as safely as possible. If you feel that the goods have been delivered in an unsatisfactory condition, please contact us via:
  8. What does “LM” mean?
    The abbreviation LM stands for Linear Metre, or length of 1 metre, irrespective of fabric width.