1. sample-cards-full-binder Sample Cards Full Binder The signature ShowTex Binder is a must have for any designer! It contains a sample card for each of our most popular fabrics.
    Starting from €150.00 / 1
  2. Acoustic Panel dubbelzijdig (αw = 1,00) Acoustic Panel dubbelzijdig (αw = 1,00) The Acoustic Panel is the latest acoustic development in the ShowTex product range. This durable panel ensures excellent sound absorption and is ideal for fixed installations.
    Starting from €100.34 / piece
  3. Studio Weight Studio Weight

    Studio Weight ensures perfect tensioning of scenic cloths, projection surfaces and green & blue key cycloramas for television, film and photography studios.

    Starting from €62.10 / piece
  4. Stage Weight Stage Weight Stackable 15 kg stage weight with 30 mm opening.
    Starting from €47.68 / piece
  5. Hook & Loop Fastener Hook & Loop Fastener Classic fabric hook-and-loop fastener available in white or black.
    Starting from €0.64 / m
  6. H & L fastener self-adhesive H & L fastener self-adhesive A strong self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastener that sticks to iron and aluminum. Available in white or black.
    Starting from €1.61 / m
  7. H & L Fastener Elastic H & L Fastener Elastic Stretchable hook-and-loop fastener. The elastic fastener is ideal for attaching stretch fabrics like PolyStretch P8 CS Matt, StretchTulle & Outdoor Stretch.
    Starting from €1.77 / m
  8. Webbing Webbing Webbing is used to finish the top of stage curtains, together with grommets and laces. Available in black and white
    Starting from €1.40 / m
  9. Multiwebbing Multiwebbing

    A very versatile curtain finishing. Hang curtains quickly and easily and fold them exactly the way you want.

    Starting from €1.29 / m
  10. Expotape Expotape Double-sided carpet tape for attaching temporary expo carpet. Leaves almost no glue residue.
    Starting from €7.75 / Roll
  11. PhosphorTape PhosphorTape Phosphor Tape lights up in the dark. Use this light tape for marking stages and exits.
    Starting from €67.95 / Roll
  12. AluTape AluTape Adhesive aluminum tape. Heat resistant. Often used to hide the excess spotlight. Also available in black.
    Starting from €8.29 / Roll
  13. Dancecarpet Tape 50 Dancecarpet Tape 50 Carpet tape for attaching dancecarpet. Leaves almost no glue residue. Available in multiple widths and colors.
    Starting from €8.04 / Roll
  14. Dancecarpet Tape 38 Dancecarpet Tape 38 Carpet tape for attaching dancecarpet. Leaves almost no glue residue. Available in multiple widths and colors
    Starting from €4.44 / Roll
  15. Gaffertape Nichiban Gaffertape Nichiban All-round, tearable carpet tape. Also available in multiple widths and colors.
    Starting from €6.39 / Roll
  16. PipeSnap PipeSnap Pipe hanger for fast mounting of theatre legs, borders and backdrops.
    Starting from €2.30 / piece
  17. Spring Clamp Spring Clamp Convenient spring clamp to hold any material quickly and efficiently
    Starting from €2.25 / piece
  18. GripTex GripTex Fabric press clamp for attaching stretch fabrics without damaging the fabric.
    Starting from €0.77 / piece
  19. Foldhook Foldhook Hang curtains quickly and easily and fold them exactly the way you want.
    Starting from €0.32 / piece
  20. Omega Clip Omega Clip Flexible omega clip in black or white for attaching cloth to pipe. Available in black and white.
    Starting from €2.19 / piece
  21. SpanFix SpanFix Stretchable attachment hooks. Easy to use fabric tensioner.
    Starting from €0.38 / piece
  22. SpanFix Spiral HL SpanFix Spiral HL Ideal fabric tensioner for permanent installations. Available in black.
    Starting from €0.65 / piece
  23. Cable ties Cable ties Classic cable ties with a traction power of 220N.
    Starting from €5.78 / pack
  24. Safety Cable Safety Cable Steel safety cable that has a clip on one end and a loop on the other.
    Starting from €8.51 / piece
  25. Snaphook Snaphook Snap hook for quick connecting of straps, webbing, or rope. With or without fastener.
    Starting from €0.53 / piece
  26. S-Hook S-Hook Nickel S-hook that allows you to easily attach things to either end.
    Starting from €0.11 / piece
  27. Tie Ribbon on roll Tie Ribbon on roll

    Very flexible curtain tie ribbon, non-fraying. Has to be thermally cut.

    Available in multiple colors

    Starting from €0.42 / m
  28. Ribcord Ribcord Extremely strong, braided Dyneema theatre rope in matte black or white. Almost invisible.
    Starting from €0.45 / m
  29. Sashline Sashline

    Flexible, single or double braided, polyester theatre rope. Available in white or black.
    No fray and minimal stretch, for rope command of rail systems.

    Starting from €0.24 / m