About ShowTex Online

Our Mission

ShowTex is world leader in developing, producing and installing the most innovative flame-retardant stage fabrics and mounting systems. We do our utmost to realise the creative vision of event and entertainment professionals.


Our Vision

We dream of a world as a scene in which fabrics make everything possible. In this world, ShowTex is the answer to all your questions. We realise that research and development alone will not achieve this. We also know that success is an attitude. This is why we welcome every new project with passion and enthusiasm. This is the only way to develop products that really are true improvements for our consumers. This enables them to focus on making their dreams come true.


Our Values

At ShowTex, we try to inspire and we are fascinated by what inspires you. We set the bar high, not just because we are ambitious. Being a leader means showing respect. Not only with regard to our customers, but also where it concerns the environment and every person, every place or whatever we may encounter on our path.

Our Green Policy

ShowTex believes that a healthy living environment is vitally important for our society, our economy, our company and our people. We recognise that recent challenges faced in relation to the climate can indeed influence our future. But as leading supplier of flame-retardant fabrics, curtain rails and mounting systems for the theatre, entertainment and the event industry, the nature of our activities remains the biggest obstacle to conducting business in an environmentally-friendly way.

In recent years, there have already been a great number of initiatives within the theatre, production and event industries that have pushed for a smaller ecological footprint and a checking system to gauge what effects our sector has on the environment. At the same time, government agencies throughout the world are introducing stricter rules for our activities and for those of our customers.

Faster than ever before, we are now being introduced to promising systems aimed at promoting a healthy and sustainable environment, and this at all levels. That's precisely why ShowTex now wants to demonstrate that it is able to pursue an ambitious but realistic environmental policy plan with a view to promoting and encouraging environmental awareness within our company and the sector in general.

Although our raw materials and purchasing decisions are our main polluters, our ecology policy covers all aspects of the company. The ShowTex management team is committed to constant enhancement of our environmental performance and the integration of recognised environmental care systems in our business operations.

We strive for lower consumption of resources and a more efficient use of these. ShowTex will carry out measurements and introduce appropriate measures to limit the ecological footprint of its activities and achieve the objectives set out in the annual ecology plan. Not only will our business activities be adjusted to reduce pollution, but the waste that we produce will also be managed according to the principles of waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

We also pay due attention to the environment and energy consumption in the purchase, design, renovation, location and use of our buildings. If possible, we give consideration to environmental issues such as climate change during the procurement and transport of goods and services. In addition, we will encourage the re-use and recycling of our products whenever this is technically possible.

ShowTex trains its staff to become responsible green citizens and also resolutely chooses partner organisations that do the same. We also put the effects of our own activities on the environment into perspective and where possible we try to improve/reduce these. Setting such goals for ourselves gives us a way to monitor our progress and become more and more ecological.