ShowTex is world leader in developing, producing and installing the most innovative flame-retardant stage fabrics and mounting systems. We do our utmost to realise the creative vision of event and entertainment professionals.

With the aim of providing you with a better and faster service, ShowTex Online will offer you a limited range of products but at very affordable prices. 

ShowTex Online: for event and entertainment professionals looking for the most favourably priced, highest-quality curtain fabrics, rail systems and stage accessories.

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Featured Products

Extra wide, budget-friendly stage masking fabric. Raised on both sides.

Starting from €8.45 / rm

4m wide curtain, finished with hook&loop at the top. Available in multiple lenghts.

Starting from €146.50 / stuk
Budget-friendly, flame-retardant, single side raised.
Starting from €2.91 / rm
Stretchable attachment hooks. Easy to use fabric tensioner.
Starting from €0.38 / piece
This high gain projection surface (3,3m H x 7,36m W) delivers superb image and video quality.
Starting from €510.00 / 1
An elastic hose that easily fits around 30/30 and 40/40 triangle and square trusses.
Starting from €22.53 / piece